Solstice plan members enjoy access to our unique open access network – free of frustrating rosters and closed offices (which are associated with traditional dental HMO plans). With Solstice’s unique open access model, you and your family are never required to pre-select a provider and can switch providers as many times throughout the year as necessary without contacting Solstice.

You no longer have to call customer service to get assigned to a roster or wait up to 30 days for your roster to take effect. With Solstice, you simply call the provider you want to see and make an appointment. It’s that simple and it’s because we want you to have access to your dental care and benefits when you need it most.

Open Access

Want help? You can always call our toll free number (1-877-760-2247) for assistance in locating a network provider closest to you and then simply call and schedule an appointment with that provider. You can also check out our Provider Search online.

Finding a Dental Provider has Never Been Easier with our Real-time Provider Directory Updates and Notifications!

To ensure that you receive the most up-to-date information, Solstice updates its provider directory in real time. The online searches are updated on a daily basis and, therefore, reflect the most current information. Printed copies are always available by calling our Member Services Department at our toll free number (1-877-760-2247).

New Provider Notifications

Solstice is always expanding its network to give you access to the quality care you deserve. Now you can receive an email notification when new Solstice providers join the network in your area!

Simply log on to and choose “Email Notification” under “My Account.” Your emails will arrive in the frequency you choose. Be in-the-know about your network today!

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